Since its inception back in 1982, Richard E. Ryan & Associates Limited has built a name for itself as one of Canada’s leading produce distributors. The Company is known for its longstanding relationships with suppliers and clients alike, as well as for its unwavering commitment to customer service. Richard E. Ryan serves customers across Canada including independent and national retailers, foodservice operators, wholesalers, repackers and processors. And the company has worked tirelessly over the years to build an extensive supplier network which includes growers as far afield as British Columbia, Mexico, the United States, Chile, and New Zealand. The firm’s exclusive liaisons with several grower/shippers, and its strategic partnerships with other distributors throughout the continent, ensure its ability to meet the specific demands of each and every client. The firm distributes hundreds of different products, including: strawberries and other berries; grapes; tree fruits; apples; pears; vegetables; citrus; melons; carrots; Asian fruits and vegetables; and other exotics.

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